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HOA Meetings

Words Ink has several years experience in recording HOA Board and HOA membership meetings. Accurate minutes are taken and distributed as needed. If training in meeting management and protocol is requested, the Words Ink has experience as a Parliamentarian and in Parliamentarian Training.  Training in effective meeting management can help reduce wasted time for everyone involved. It can also protect the rights of the majority and the minority.

How many times has a group had long periods of discussion with no focus or resolution?

Do you have people bringing up the same issue over and over even though the board has voted in previous meetings?

Do you have meetings that are disrupted or distracted by non-agenda items?

Was a decision made without discussion or board vote? Can that vote be overturned?

HOA Elections.

HOA elections cost money and time. You don’t want to waste either if you don’t have to.  Words Ink can set up, run and tabulate your HOA election. We can even advise a board or individual candidate on success strategies.
HOA Elections
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